AI Voiceover for Video Creators

Welcome to the future of video creation! With AI Voiceover for Video Creators, you can give your videos a voice that resonates with audiences worldwide. Our cutting-edge Chrome extension offers unparalleled features that transform the way you create content.

AI Voiceover for Video Creators


9 Languages

Speak to the world in 9 different languages.


78 Unique Voices

A symphony of voices to match every mood.


<3 seconds

Crafts a 5000-character voiceover.


Unlimited Requests

Freedom to experiment without limits.


Lifetime License

A single investment for a lifetime.


Unlimited Characters

Narratives as long as your imagination.

Find Your Perfect Voiceover

Hear It from the Creators

Wasento’s voiceover technology is sheer brilliance. It’s the most intuitive and high-quality tool I’ve ever used!

Kareem Brown

I’m in awe of Wasento’s voiceover quality. It’s like they’ve captured the essence of a human voice in their AI!

Berta Fritsch

A Lifetime License for such high-quality AI voiceovers? Really knows how to treat their customers right!

Leann Mueller